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RSD9 was a week-long program dedicated to systemic design.

About RSD

हेल्लो Hello!

Since RSD9 was an online symposium, it was designed as a manageable commitment to a week-long program dedicated to systemic design. Sessions were distributed over more days to allow time for breaks and small group sessions such as Talks breakouts, which were held in two parallel tracks daily. The workshop schedule was extended to two include two weekends.

From human to humane

Systemic Design for Well-being: From human to humane

The 2020 RSD9 logo begins with the Devanagari script letter which resonates the sound of ‘Ra’. It recalls writing with a ‘kalam’, a traditional writing instrument. The logo uses a sharp, high contrast yet incomplete letterforms to represent the constantly changing balance in life and well-being.


Relating Systemic Design (RSD) is for practitioners, educators and students. The Scientific Committee pays special attention to practitioner research and practice reports in the Call for Papers and reviews every abstract and working paper that is submitted. In 2020, NID placed a high value on connecting with and representing the region’s design industry.

RSD9 Program

RSD9 week featured five weekdays of programming, including keynotes, plenaries, and talks. To avoid scheduling conflicts, RSD9 established a workshop schedule starting Friday, October 9, the weekend of October 10&11, and Saturday, October 17. Some workshops were also scheduled weekday mornings, especially when the facilitator had a specific regional audience.

GigaMap Exhibtion

The Gigamaps are posted on along with the descriptions that designers have provided about their work. The gigamap exhibition was also displayed on the National Institute of Design campus. It can be viewed in situ via the virtual tour.