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Weaving a Collective Intelligence Systemic Design Tool

Format: Workshops, RSD10, Topic: Methods & Methodology

Fanjasoa Louisette Rasoloniaina, Patrice Ceccarini and Elizabeth Mortamais

Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Val de Seine, Université de Paris 7 Denis Diderot

Within the systemic design community, there is a large possibility of data visualization and data physicalization tools, among them we have the phylogenetic matrix called the Environmental Genetic Code (EGC) – introduced at RSD6 by Patrice Ceccarini – Systemic Design, Affordances, and Architectural Profiling, illustrated by the animation based on the 2020-2021 students diploma final projects.

View the EGC matrix video presentation.

Collective intelligence

After 15 years of practice, the pedagogical and research team will challenge the matrix through a workshop intended to outline a collective intelligence version of the EGC and more specifically to set an augmented version in prism with Embodied Computing. Like a hackathon, the aim is to collectively contribute to the co-sketching.

To facilitate an inter-trans-poly-disciplinary weaving, the workshop has five facilitators from different design or thought approaches, among which we are thrilled to see how the following can hybrid with EGC:

  1. Dutch layers approach (DLA) Reference 1 | Reference 2
  2. sEEs matrixes (derived from the DLA) Reference
  3. System architecture engineering Reference
  4. Embodied computing Reference 1 | Reference 2
  5. Free Thinkers (other systemic design approaches and semiotics) Reference

Participants might be PhD students, researchers or professionals. Participants complete an online form, whereby their reply will state their profile classified into interest/­work/­research particulars, that will determine the group they will join (Table 1). A link will be sent via email prior to the workshop.

Like “weaving the fabric” metaphor, each group produces a thread that will be intertwined with others to produce a collective work.

Nota bene: the findings will be analyzed and implemented in F. L. Rasoloniaina PhD thesis.


  • Collective intelligence / EGC (mobile facilitators): Elizabeth Mortamais, Patrice Ceccarini
  • Systemic Design: Ole Moysad, Patrice Ceccarini
  • Dutch Layers Approach, sEEs: Esmee Kuit, Enzo Yap
  • System engineer: Eric Lacombe, Louisette Rasoloniaina
  • Digital Trace & Embodied Computing: Christine Wacta, Esin Ekizoglu
  • Freethinkers – Semiotics, Diagrammatic: Per Aage Brandt, Elizabeth Mortamais

Workshop format

120 minutes | TBA | maximum participants 25


This workshop requires that participants complete a short online form to determine their work/research profile. A link to the form is included in the workshop confirmation.

Workshop Agenda: Collective Intelligence

Collective setting (one room)

1st weaving row (20 minutes)

The line-up

  • Introduction (5 minutes)
  • The line-up (15 minutes)

The approaches are presented (reminded, they can visit the website or read given documentation prior to the venue) to the 25 participants, who join the group they are dispatched into (5 groups of 5 participants).

Group setting (5 rooms)

2nd weaving row (40 minutes)

The 5 groups, mindmaps

  • The line-up (10 minutes)
    • The 5 participants have 2 minutes to present their proposal.
  • The group mind-maps set-up (30 minutes)
    • The group work on their collective version of the Augmented ECG combining their presented inputs and/or new ideas that have emerged from the exchanges.

BREAK: 5 minutes

Collective setting (one room)

Presentations (10 minutes)

  • The line-up of the 5 groups production

3rd weaving row (40 minutes)

The Augmented ECG mind map: The mind-map set-up

  • Based on their disclosed respective mind-maps, they will all work on weaving and combining the ideal final collective version of the Augmented ECG.

4th weaving row (5 minutes)


  • The participants and the facilitators express what they have learnt and what they will take away from the experience.




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Title: Weaving a Collective Intelligence Systemic Design Tool
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First published: 10 September 2021
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