Virtual-Real MOOCS: Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems

Tobias Luthe, ETH Zurich, AHO Oslo, Politecnico Torino, MonViso Institute
Birger Sevaldson, Norway AHO
Silvia Barbero, Politecnico Torino
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, TU Delft
Justyna Swat, MonViso Institute

Country: France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway & Switzerland
Format: 2-hour online workshop

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Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems is an innovative and timely MOOC series that builds capacity in tackling complex problems through a combination of holistic consciousness, systems thinking, and cooperative design doing in illustrative real-world cases. It provides nature-inspired creativity tools of systemic design as additional skillsets for students from technical and science programs to actively take responsibility in designing systems that are resilient and regenerative.

The proposed MOOC series consists of two single self-assessed MOOCS that each can stand alone, but that are complementary:

MOOC 1. Conscious worldviews, systems thinking, and systemic design tools
MOOC 2. Real-world systemic design illustrations and transformative capacity

In this workshop, we share the detailed topical and didactic setup of these MOOCs, and together explore additional topics, avenues, partners, synergies with existing programs, discover potential further speakers, new institutional partnerships, and discuss the didactic innovations we designed as the spine of this new program.

Posted: Oct-2020

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