Value Metamorphosis: Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on Indian weddings as a system

Hemul Goel, Aditya Sharma and Sanika Harshe

Indian weddings are an extensive affair. Multiple performers come together to witness the union of two families displayed amid various elements that become markers of their social status. The entry of the pandemic has acted as a force upon the pandemic, changing the values associated with Indian weddings. Looking at the wedding as a system we discuss the pandemic’s transformative impact that has catalysed a shift away from a culture of conspicuous consumption. It is imperative to study this phenomenon as it affects consumption patterns and design trends. We begin by mapping the system and recognising key stakeholders who are subject to face the challenges posed on social gatherings due to the pandemic. Qualitative research methods were used to collect data from these stakeholders who showed how values had evolved. These findings form the premise of further inquiry into designing a system that would help retain these values once these restrictions are removed.

Reflection question: How is COVID-19 leading to the emergence of emotional and experiential value conflicts amongst Indian weddings?

Keywords: Conspicuous consumption, Indian wedding, COVID-19, pandemic, values

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