Utilising Design Thinking to Reimagine Campus Culture: Learning, engagement, and persistence -8

Lynn Murray-Chandler, Danielle Lake, and David Humphreys

Southern New Hampshire University | Elon University | Southern New Hampshire University

This presentation shares lessons learned and strategies from an ongoing systemic design process seeking to improve retention, persistence, and a sense of belonging across one liberal arts university campus.  The initiative integrates principles and strategies from design thinking (as defined by the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design/ Stanford method), liberatory design, systems thinking, as well as the latest research on retention and belonging in order to transform policies, processes, and practices, build relationships, and shift campus culture. In particular, the paper explores a relational and situated approach to systemic design practice at a small liberal arts campus that is part of a much larger private university system. The case study explores the value of diverse forms of scaling systems change, utilising a lens that has been historically absent from many studies in systemic change. Ten initiatives and a number of strategies for pursuing a participatory and equity-centred approach to designing and scaling complex social systems change are recommended. As an ongoing case study, the paper concludes by highlighting roadblocks, challenges, opportunities, and additional considerations for scaling complex social systems change with faculty, staff, and students. 

KEYWORDS: relationship-rich education, systemic design, scale, persistence, engagement, retention, SOTL

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