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Use Systems Oriented Design (SOD) for implementation -36


Andreas Wettre and Christodoulos Christodoulou

Implementation difficulties are an important issue relevant to several fields. In recent years, we have seen noticeable growth in the literature on this subject. From our anecdotal experiences, great ideas/solutions often end up not being implemented. Big and complex problems make the implementation overwhelming complex and keep us away from fully implementing innovative solutions toward a desirable future. In this presentation, we explore some first ideas on how we could move the focus from developing a solution to how implementing it alongside design and development. Using our prior professional experience to base this argument, we believe that a more overlapping approach to development and implementation is most needed in dealing with recent complex issues. We also believe that SOD methods would allow better understanding, coping, and communication of the complexity of implementation, helping us towards a merge of these two phases (develop/implementation). With this presentation, we hope to tricker some interesting discussion on this subject, collecting vital insights for the further development of this into a paper.

Keywords: implementation, complexity, systemic design, systems oriented design, SOD

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