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Shreyas Vyas, Mayank Verma, and Varruna Setty

The project aims to design transportation systems for Indian national parks, focusing on enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and ecological conservation. The project recognizes the need for intervention in various aspects of transportation within national parks and aims to address them through innovative and holistic approaches.

Key areas of focus include the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles, promoting eco-friendly and sustainable means of transportation, incorporating technology interventions, and ensuring the safety of wildlife and visitors. The project also emphasizes the importance of specialized vehicles for researchers, wildlife conservation, and law enforcement.

Furthermore, the project highlights the significance of constructing animal corridors, facilitating animal transportation for rehabilitation and relocation, and implementing surveillance systems for enhanced monitoring and protection. It also considers the provision of specialized vehicles for medical transport, spreading awareness, and patrolling purposes.

The project envisions the integration of centralized booking systems, maintenance and servicing of transportation infrastructure, and upgrades to safari vehicles to enhance visitor experiences. Additionally, it emphasizes the need for fire department vehicles, satellite imaging, and thermal cameras for effective management and emergency response in national parks.

Overall, the project aims to create a comprehensive and sustainable transportation system that aligns with the unique needs of Indian national parks, while ensuring the conservation of wildlife, promoting visitor safety, and providing enjoyable and educational experiences for all.

Mentored by Praveen Nahar and Vipul Vinzuda

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