Toying for Joyful Learning – Exploring Systemic Process

Surabhi Khanna

National Institute of Design Haryana, India


The best thing a child can do with a toy is to break it, the next best thing is to make it; even better is to create it. Since 2011, the author has been conducting workshops on toys and games as a resource for joyful learning, for students, teachers, teacher-trainee, psychologists, educators, child development specialists. The medium of toy and game design facilitates the ability to create and express. The idea is to introduce learning from toys and games and hence to explore design process. This has been leading to developing a systemic approach. The power of making and playing is immense. Participants become makers and players. The maker-player combination helps them have an understanding and coherence of part to whole. The paper explores two aspects 1) Toys and Tales development and 2) Systemic Process in learning from the approach of toy design.

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