Towards a Systemic Design Toolkit: A practical workshop

The Systemic Design Toolkit is now open and online: co-create interventions to tackle organisational and societal complexity.

Kristel Van Ael, Philippe Vandenbroeck, Peters and Gentile Namahn

Namahn (BE), a human-centred design agency, and shiftN (BE), a futures and systems thinking studio from Brussels, are developing a Systemic Design Toolkit combining the methodologies of both practices. The toolkit is currently piloted with the EU Policy Lab of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. The toolkit is structured as a suite of discrete thinking-and-doing instruments, to be applied selectively, sequentially and iteratively. The purpose of this toolkit is to enable co-analyses of complex challenges and co-creation of systemic solutions mode with users and other stakeholders through:

Externalising the thinking process

  • Bringing together tools that embody systems thinking and design thinking principles in an overall framework
  • Transcending paradigms through co-creation

While the conference paper explores the theoretical underpinning and issues with a “toolkit” approach towards systemic design, this workshop aims to exchange insights between participants and facilitators in a hands-on, case-based format. We aim for a lively discussion.

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