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Category: Topic: Mapping & Modelling

Topic: Mapping & Modelling

Mapping Studio: Unmapped

These exhibits are a departure from pictorial maps. Two site-specific installations mapped systems so they could be experienced from multiple points of view. The third, an experiment in art-science collaboration, resulted in richly rendered systemic representations of scientific findings. Also presented is the inventory of graphical devices.

RSD13 Call for Reviewers

The peer-review period starts as soon as submissions are complete—no later than April 30—and runs until June 30. Please take a few moments to indicate your availability on the reviewer acceptance form.

Mapping Studio: Socioecological design

Three maps are generated through metaphors, and one considers dependence on virgin wood in home furniture. Locally Grown maps the spaces between the elements to explore systemic design interventions in human hair waste.

Mapping Studio: About our lives

Four projects from the National Institute of Design (India) represent contemporary exemplars of the metaphor style. They incorporate vivid graphics and extended formats and combine information density with detailed and expertly executed graphics.

Roundtable on mapping

Evan Barba, Jotte de Koning, Peter Jones, Praveen Nahar, Lorraine Randell, Birger Sevaldson, Mauri Suoheimo, and Sahil Thappa

Studio: Mapping for Futuring

Four mapping for futuring projects in three contexts: studio-led university project, transformation lab, researcher-led.

Papers: Washington DC

Michael Arnold Mages, Catherine Kennedy, and Joli Holmes | Victor Udoewa | Angelsea Saby | Peter Stoyko

Salon: Interstitial Spaces

Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, Adrià Garcia i Mateu, Darwin Muljono, Maya Narayan and Anshul Agrawal, and Dilek Sayedahmed

Salon: Values of Futures

Maggie Greyson, Alexis Tennent, Jizhen Shan and Yunlong Wang, Emily MacLoud and Ashleigh West, and Luea Ritter