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To Witness, To Practise, To Recognise: We see water system -72


‘From Bernini relational journey for Water’, hypothesis for a meaningful systemic vision of cultural and environmental heritage

Veneranda Carrino, Federica Spera and Giovanni Capoccia

The goal of the concept research “From Bernini relational journey for Water: Hypothesis for a meaningful systemic vision of Cultural and Environmental Heritage” is to enhance works of art made by Gian Lorenzo Bernini for ‘Piazza Navona, di Spagna and Barberini’ in the city of Rome with a peculiar vision of care and knowledge for the water entity.

This design proposal creates a link and a dialogue between two dimensions: the artistic works, represented by Bernini’s fountains inside the architectonic spaces of these plazas on one side, and the dimension of Common Good Environmental Heritage of the element water that lives inside the shapes and art of the Bernini’s fountains.

This design scenario is a macro design system that has a precise worth-wise objective: “There is no future without water”, according to UN Water Day (2015).

“To witness, to practise, to recognise: we see water system.” is a research activity developed with the Systemic Design students in the 1st year of their master’s degree in Systemic Design.

Keywords: systemic design, complexity strategy, enhancing urban spaces, digital cultural heritage

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