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Michael Arnold Mages, PhD

Northeastern University, Department of Art & Design, Boston, USA

Stephen Neely, PhD

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Music, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Person to person communication, when meeting the human ideal, requires individual embodied participation, and more so, intimacy with another through an evolving shared co-presencing, co-embodied, co-experiencing. Communication as a rich sharing is not centred on a simple successful transfer of words, but rather on a replete and cyclical shared enkinaesthietic experience where those communicating become more than two people together, and find opportunities for co-sensing and co-experiencing. The present study offers a philosophical engagement with current telematic communication systems where we contrast the human-ideal of intimate communication and co-presence with examples of fractured palettes, where variables of the aspired-to enkinaesthesia are out of sync, disjointed, or misaligned. The paper concludes with implications for further research along these experiential lines.

Keywords: enkinaesthesia, experience, embodiment, HCI, conversation




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Author(s): Michael Arnold Mages and Stephen Neely
Title: The Question of Intimacy
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 3 September 2021
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