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Moderator: Palak Dudani

This grouping consists of papers concerning design research. Authors make a 10 to 15-minute presentation, and approximately 15 minutes are dedicated to discussing each paper. Authors have the opportunity to incorporate revisions based on the session into the final version of their article, published in Relating Systems Thinking and DesignRSD12, in March 2024.


#55 Jenna Mikus
Disentangling Eudaemonia-focused Design as a Means of Flourishing-Supportive Physical Space and Research Experience Curation

#168 Hillary Carey and Jessica Meharry
Stories to motivate social change: An experiment in radically hopeful everyday futures

#268 Irem Tekogul
Making hopeful futures: Critical hope and radical imagination in design

#335 Diana Maria Mahecha, Juan de la Rosa and Juan Carlos Arias
Figurations of a Shared Future: The exercise of creating collectively from images

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