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RSD11 symposium

Paper sessions highlight similarities and create an environment for seeding ideas and making connections.

RSD11 draft proceedings

Note that all RSD11 papers are still considered to be draft proceedings.

Abstracts and full pre-symposium versions of papers are posted so they can be reviewed in advance of the session. Authors describe their work in a ~15-minute presentation followed by a moderated discussion open to all participants. These sessions generally cover four to six papers.

Papers are an opportunity to share finished work as a platform for discussion. Papers in a session might have a similar topic or focus so that the discussion can build on the presented ideas; however, they might also be dissonant and open up debate. They can represent divergent views provoking creative tension and heightening complexities. Both papers and presentations might be combined in a session. Presentations cover new and novel topics, explorations, work-in-progress, and the startup of further research.

All papers and presentations are peer-reviewed. Authors are also encouraged to revise their proceedings entries based on feedback from their sessions, discussions with colleagues, and related work presented at the symposium. RSD proceedings are published approximately three months after the symposium to provide this window for revisions.

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