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Systems Thinking for Service Design

Format: Papers, RSD7, Topic: Methods & Methodology

Besplemennova Yulia and Tassi Roberta

Service Design has been long discussed as an exemplary case for the application of systems thinking methods as by its human-centred and intangible nature it deals with typical wicked problems. Many service design tools are indeed already built upon similar system diagrams.

However, sometimes exaggeration of human-centred focus undermines the possibilities of envisioning the services that produce not immediate value but a long-term impact. One of the solutions for it could be in the improvement of the traditional tools to expand their horizons and scopes of application and support more systemic design process. In our paper we reflect on the possibility of augmentation of service design tools allowing them to shift the focus from human-centeredness towards becoming more system-oriented. 7e illustrate the benefits of their application with the case-studies from our design practice.

KEYWORD: systems thinking, design thinking, service design, service design tools, more than
human-centered design




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Author(s): Besplemennova Yulia and Tassi Roberta
Title: Systems Thinking for Service Design
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 2 October 2018
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