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Category: Format: Maps & Exhibits

Format: Maps & Exhibits

BioDiveIn and GoCOLife

Marie Davidová, Hanane Behnam, Maria Claudia Valverde, Thomas Fadini, Jannis Haueise, Adriana Hauke, Valentina Ferrari, Ana Patricia Ros Agulló, Matei Florescu, Samuel Knutelský, Nadja Vujović, Olga Wosiak, Marcelo José Candía Cervantes, Hsuan Yeh, Jianing Huang, Cristina Guerriero, Mahir Köse, and Rui Ma

Access to Healthcare in New York City

Designers can play a role in access to healthcare by combining research, design methodologies, and collaboration skills to reimagine how people interact with the system.

Anti-Black Racism in Pittsburgh

This gigamap puts forward six interventions for anti-Black racism: affinity space creation, white supremacy education, colour-aware work programs, addressing redlining, a reparations system, and universal basic income.

Air Quality in Delhi

Demonstrating strategic solutions and design thinking interventions in the problem of air pollution in Delhi.

COVID-19 Response in Pennsylvania

This map aims to capture and make connections between the challenges and opportunities in the domains of time and progress – this context highlights the transitional period of the pandemic.

Declining Bee Populations in Central California

Organized within a metaphorical honeybee graphic, the map includes bipartisan policies between nonprofits and government, technological improvements to the pollination process, activism and public awareness.

Nutrition Access in Pittsburgh

This gigamap nests the issue of food insecurity in Pittsburgh within larger scalar levels to visualize and understand the interconnectivity of this wicked problem.

O’ahu and the Effects of Climate Change

The five-petal flower motif represents the delicate climate situation O’ahu’s flora and fauna faces and concludes that responsibility lands with global corporations and federal governments.

Synergetic Landscape

This gigamap demonstrates a systemic approach to urban environment performance for the future Post-Anthropocene communities and economies.

Car-Free City Life

Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. Autonomous public transport systems and the ongoing implementation of a car-free city center policy in Oslo.

Design in Indian Army

National Institute of Design, India. Design thinking and human-centric approach to broaden the spectrum of design in the Indian Army.

Equation of Craft in India

National Institute of Design, India. The craft sector in India through mapping interconnections and multidirectional influences.

Making Waves: Organizational gigamap

Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway. The complex web of structures that form part of organizations, and some of the components they may need to operate.

Obesity Epidemic

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design, USA. Interdependencies, harmful feedback loops, and interventions to break the cycle of obesity.

Obesity in Western Pennsylvania

Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design, USA. A visual guide to obesity and design interventions through Meadows’ leverage points.

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