Mamta Gautam

“Systemic-self and Pluriverse” is situated at the intersection of design research and systemic design framework. As a part of evolving research methods in my practice, the question of personal motivation and aspirations has been central to the decision-making. In my practice, as a design entrepreneur and researcher, my quest for meaningful intervention, outsider (etic) being an intruder while conducting research has made me question design research methods and approach to contextual inquiry. The role of design and the approach to framing the ‘problem’ and whose problem is one solving has been a dilemma across the problem framing stage of the project.

This activity provokes the need to equip designer and design students to become aware of their position as a researcher and designers before intervening in a social system.

KEYWORDS: systemic-self, pluriverse, design research, autoethnography, systemic design

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