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Systemic map to revitalizing local knowledge in autochthones communities

Format: Papers, RSD6, Topic: Methods & Methodology

Ana Luisa Cavalcante and Francisco Fialho

Design for Cultural Sustainability
Knowledge Management

Demand for construction of systemic map / infographic allowed the questioning, understanding, and the future replication of the local knowledge revitalization system in an Indigenous Land in the State of Paraná (Brazil) whose purpose was to promote the sustainability of culture. Thus, was organized visually the Local knowledge management process. In the collaborative organization, the indigenous is considered a producer of the local, collective, traditional and contemporary knowledge and is part of a dynamic process sociocultural. Planning procedures and compliance with the steps that are relevant to the suggested process of revitalization are presents, namely: Knowledge kind definition (Input); Interdisciplinarity; Research subject; Process steps of the Local Knowledge Management; Proposals (output). This steps are sinthetized in an infoghraphic that show the results obtained of research that structures resources for the construction of local knowledge revitalization system with emphasis on graphic and visual representation in order to contribute to the cultural sustainability of indigenous communities of practice.




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Author(s): OCTOBER 2017
Title: Systemic map to revitalizing local knowledge in autochthones communities
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 12 October 2017
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