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Systemic Design PhD Students Fika

Format: Workshops, RSD10, Topic: Learning & Education

PhD students of the TU Delft Systemic Design Lab invite all doctoral-level students attending RSD10 to a special session devoted to discussing research projects and making connections. To make sure everyone can participate, we are holding this session online. For those attending RSD10 on-campus, there’s an opportunity to meet after the session for a coffee and a chat.

The session is designed for an open dialogue. Our guest speaker is Dan Lockton, an experienced design researcher from the University of Eindhoven, who will share some of the ways he has managed his PhD and discuss the PhD journey.

The event provides an opportunity for all PhD students attending RSD10 to meet each other and discuss ways to navigate the PhD life more smoothly. The session is an opportunity to discuss systemic design research topics and offer personal experiences. The goal is to spend time with research peers and meet potential future collaborators.

Systemic Design Lab

The session is hosted by the Systemic Design Lab, a TU Delft cross-departmental design lab aimed at developing and applying knowledge about the role of design – both the artefact and the process – in generating systemic change within society. The complex challenges humanity faces regarding health, safety, and sustainability require innovative approaches that can help society transition towards more sustainable futures. Our lab is particularly interested in theory and methodology that combine systems and transition thinking with design to humanize the systems that support our collective life.




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Author(s): Hosted by PhD students of the TU Delft Systemic Design Lab with guest Dan Lockton
Title: Systemic Design PhD Students Fika
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 10 October 2021
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