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Systemic Design Master Classes: Session 2

by | Apr 2024 | SDA blog

It’s time—for a pivot in how we approach securing improvements in the human condition

The master classes in systemic design are designed to be catalysts in the development of shared understandings of what systemic-design is, can be, and is desired to be—some common ground for the ‘place’ and ‘space’ to have generable conversations about the aim and outcome of systemic-design education and practices—preparation and praxis. —Harold Nelson

The next session of Advanced Systemic Design Master Classes is available. There are four self-guided lessons, each just under 40 minutes long and affordably priced. This is the runway for a systemic design flight school featuring a range of scholar-practitioners in systemic design.

Session 1, Intentions: Systemic designing stance and approach is online, and there is no charge for the introductory session.

Two questions for Harold

What are the plans beyond Session 2?

HN: The plan is to lay some groundwork with master classes for future interactive sessions. I wanted to establish some common ground (design and systemics) for future discussions by disclosing my own grounding in systemic design (Berkeley Bubble et al.) and making my ideas more transparent. The hope is to enable a high level of communication to take place in the interactive sessions that can be scheduled for different time zones.

This is to pave the way for the Systemic Design Flight School and concomitant academy and institute within an emergent center. There will be others providing master classes as well in the near future.

Will there be ways to get involved in supporting the school?

HN: Absolutely. This is an effort that will require the participation of a community of scholar-practitioners.

Of interest

Harold Nelson recounts his time as a PhD student with graduate advisor C. West Churchman in the article “Systemic Design as Born from the Berkeley Bubble Matrix.” He scopes out the fertile ground of the 1960s consciousness revolution at the University of California at Berkeley.

Bubble Nebula by NASA

More information

Image: Bubble Nebula by NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Team


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