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Kingston upon Thames, UK

Cybersecurity is a global challenge that impacts societies, national security, critical infrastructure and the global economy

Embracing the synergy of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches, Kingston University’s Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment and Cyber and Digital Innovation Hub are working toward a transformational shift in the realm of cyber, AI methods of learning design, and design thinking culture. The collaboration successfully challenges conventional norms by integrating social and environmental considerations into the fabric of AI, cyber and digital subject domains in computing and design. This shift in perspective opens new horizons for designers applied to the research approach, redefining researcher roles and responsibilities from a systems perspective in an increasingly digitally-focussed human and machine hybrid active era.

Cybernetic thinking applied as a basis for a constructionist methodology informs the development of circularity by observing cause and effect through participant insights and feedback mechanisms. Integrating these skill sets and knowledge into our Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment has helped the design of learning, and build on our reputation for innovative feedback in industry, with close relationships supporting colleagues across national and international boundaries.

—Damian Chapman,  Assistant Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment, Kingston University

The Cyber Centre of Excellence is focused on establishing nationally recognised standards of excellence in cyber security education with government and other academic institutions. Building on a GCHQ-certified master’s programme and a strong research base, the Centre will deliver a state-of-the-art cyber security education environment specialising in live threats intelligence simulations and establishing long-term proactive partnerships with industry, Government, and local communities to change the cybersecurity culture.

Reference: Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment Cyber Centre of Excellence

Our existing cyber security centre has become a national Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education, achieving a Silver Award by the National Cyber Security Centre—taking the cyber security agenda vigorously forward within and beyond the University.

—Vesna Brujic-Okretic, School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Kingston University

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Kingston University hosted the RSD12 cyber and digital hub, which brought together approximately 100 delegates at the Town House on Penrhyn Road campus. Many more people joined online sessions, representing a diverse spectrum of academia, industry, and students both nationally and internationally.


Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Damian Chapman

Cyber & digital

Talks: Language & AI

Talks: Language & AI

Eryk Salvaggio | Helen Avery | Tiwanee Van der Horst, Anja Overdiek and Maaike Harbers | Soenke Zehle, Sónia Alves, David Crombie and Esko Reinikainen | Steve Battle | Angie Fleming, Michele Fenlon and Ruslan Hetu


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