Systemic Design for UX (SD4UX)


Facilitator: Evan Barba, Georgetown University

In this workshop we collectively develop materials that will be broadly useful in articulating what SD4UX is, adapting methods and approaches from systems and UX to better suit the SD4UX paradigm, and exploring ways to teach the SD4UX techniques we develop, in a variety of contexts. As a way to begin the conversation and get a multitude of perspectives, the first third of the workshop will create a 14-week syllabus for a course in SD4UX. Educators will be able to take this syllabus framework with them and deploy it in their classrooms. Through brainstorming and discussion we will flesh out a 14-week plan with core texts and theories and practical methods and exercises.

During the second third of the workshop we will break into groups to more fully develop a subset of the materials we outline in our syllabus. The goal for this section will be to create a framework for a day-long workshop that introduces a wide audience to SD4UX.

The final third will focus on creating a presentation about SD4UX at a high level. Small teams will create presentation materials (slides, text, even short videos) that summarize and present key elements of SD4UX. These materials might be used to present SD4UX at the beginning of workshop, at a customer meeting, or to students and colleagues in a educational setting.


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