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Systemic Design for Food Sustainability

Format: Papers, RSD4, Topic: Health & Well-being

Silvia Barbero

This paper investigates how systems and complexity theories applied to the food sectors can contribute to wellbeing and decent life for all, maintaining the global ecological capacity for future generations. The reflections on this topic come out from the author’s last ten years of field experiences, mapping the significant problems directly faced in the design and implementation phases. The wide range of analysed projects allows their interpret at theoretical level in order to define the new frontiers of systemic approach in food design toward more sustainable communities that produce and consume food in conscious and responsible way. The purpose is to give empirical and theoretical contributions with developed, developing and transition perspectives.




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Author(s): Silvia Barbero
Title: Systemic Design for Food Sustainability
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
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First published: 28 July 2015
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