Systemic Design for Sustainable Territorial Development

Ecosystem to support autopoietic local economies

Chiara Battistoni and Silvia Barbero

Politecnico di Torino

To meet the current challenges to fight global and interconnected problems as waste production, systemic thinking is needed to provide a new cultural paradigm to create sustainable, circular and blue economies. One action can be done spotlighting the local territory in which we are living every day enhancing cultural and natural resources, indeed, considering it as a place where the products are manufactured, travel everywhere and leave only waste. Systemic design can provide an answer to creating eco-innovation and environmental, social and economic sustainability, especially at the local level. A multiple case study analysis on previous projects on systemic design has been conducted to understand the principal barriers in their implementation and their outcomes to reach sustainable territorial development. After the identification of the new opportunities created at the entrepreneurial level, finally, it is designing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of innovation to foster systemic sustainable projects framed in a specific context of reference.

Keywords: systemic design, ecosystem, manufacturing sector, eco-innovation, sustainable local development.

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