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Hussa Alghunaim, Jiayang Jiang, Kai Huang, Ningjia Cui, Tian Wang, Yuhan Ma, Zhen Zhang, Yuting Xie, and Jiayu Sun

Supervised by Marie Davidová

Cardiff University, UK

The gigamap is being developed in the Synergetic Landscapes unit of the Master of Architectural Design at the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University, UK. This gigamap is searching for synergy across an urban ecosystem. It relates different students designs of prototypes that are to support cross-species edible and habitable landscapes. That is engaged through DIY recipes that are encouraged through tokenisation via CO-DE|GT urban mobile application. Therefore, this work applies a systemic approach to urban environment performance for the future Post-Anthropocene communities and economies.


CO-DE|GT BETA: The 21st-century economy app for cross-species co-living

Map: Synergetic Landscape

To view the map detail, click the black arrow on the right. You can zoom in from the view on the new tab and explore the whole map. You can also download the full-size map from the new tab.

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