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Systemic Design Symposium Survey

by | Feb 2023 | News & Notes, RSD12

The results of this systemic design symposium survey will guide RSD12 planning group decision-making. Since the first RSD symposium was held in 2012 a symposium has been held each year. The inaugural two-day seminar, organized by Birger Sevaldson and Marit Helgesen at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, has expanded to accommodate the systemic design community and the trove of interdisciplinary contributions each year. The planning teams have adapted the programme to online and hybrid formats and in 2021, SDA launched to provide a robust, searchable repository. The repository represents leading thinking on systemic design and consists of hundreds of presentations, papers, and gigamaps.

Please take a minute to complete this brief survey to help guide planning for the next phase of the systemic design symposium and RSD12. You can complete it on this page or as an online form.

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