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Supporting Co-Design in Complex Healthcare Systems through the affordances and metaphors of tangible tools

Karianne Rygh

Karianne Rygh’s exhibition at RSD6 showcases the tangible tools for co-design workshop facilitation, described in her RSD6 paper. The exhibition presents two workshop facilitation tools: the Value Pursuit design game and three prototype iterations of the Actor Flag Mapping Tool.

Value Pursuit

Value Pursuit is a three-dimensional workshop facilitation tool designed and developed in 2014 during Rygh´s Research Associateship at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands as and part of the Creative Industry Scientific Programme (CRISP). CRISP focused on the development of Product Service Systems (PSS), requiring designers to think and work more broadly and strategically in response to large- scale societal challenges. Value Pursuit provides a structure for dialogue to take place between stakeholders on the topics of expectations, contributions, and struggles. The first game board of Value Pursuit is centered around expectations, contributions and struggles, aiming to collect information about how participants in a network could benefit from each other. The second game board, through the use of a radar as a metaphor, visualizes the balance of gains and contributions, triggering further discussion by seeing how all involved actors are positioned in relation to one another. ´Value Pursuit´ tool has been used in workshop facilitation within the fields of education, healthcare and policy-making.

Actor Flag Mapping Tool

A tangible workshop facilitation tool developed in 2016/2017 as part of Rygh´s ongoing PhD research at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design: ´Fostering collaboration in multi-actor service development in healthcare through the use of affordances and metaphors in tangible tools for co-creation´. Rygh uses the approach of practice-based exploration through and by facilitating co-creation workshops in service design projects where the analytical framework draws on the use of metaphors and affordances in tangible tools. The exhibit presents three prototype iterations of a flag mapping tool, exploring the design of flags and flagpoles (representing actors or projects) and maps (representing overviews of the projects´ contexts or timelines). The tool iterations explore the challenges involved in creating product metaphors, versus for example linguistic metaphors, focusing on how the designed, physical attributes of tools influence communication and understanding between actors from diverse professional fields. Participants in the workshops use the flags and maps to create three dimensional visualizations of the complex collaboration and communication they experience, or wish to aim for, within the development of healthcare services.

Posted October 2017
Posted October 2017

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