Sketchnotes are powerful tools for personal learning and sense-making – and an important record of academic proceedings. This hands-on workshop will give you basic skills of listening, drawing simple icons and visual metaphors, and synthesizing academic presentations simply and powerfully.

The workshop covers the basics of creating sketchnotes—hand-crafted visual summaries of complex conversations and presentations—and more experienced sketchnoters will be invited to share techniques.

RSD sketchnotes are a collection of rich graphic records that combine drawings, shapes, visual elements, writing and hand-drawn typography. Each sketchnote is embedded in the related post and constitutes an important visual record for RSD proceedings.

Instructor: Patricia Kambitch (Patsy)

Patsy Kambitch and Manisha Laroia co-founded the Visual Thinkers Society, a cross-disciplinary community of practice that works to expand capacity in visual communication. A former classroom teacher and adviser, she learned first-hand the power of visual communication.

Sometimes words are not enough to fully engage in the important conversations of our lives. In my work I seek to include all of us: all our senses, all our imaginations, all our creative powers through the tools of the arts: including-but not limited to-drawing, storytelling and dance.

RSDX panels were held from October 3 to 9, 2022. They were hosted by the University of Brighton and the session organisers and were free and open to all.

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