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Papers presented at RSD Symposia published by respected She Ji journal

SDA pursues continuous development of leading work from RSD authors and maintains editorial relationships with She Ji, a leading scholarly design journal dedicated to economics and innovation, design process, and design thinking in complex sociotechnical environments.

She Ji is:

  • Peer-reviewed, trans-disciplinary
  • Diamond open access journal with no fees.
  • Peer-review under responsibility of Tongji University and Tongji University Press


Vol 7, Issue 4 (2021)
A Co-evolutionary, Transdisciplinary Approach to Innovation in Complex Contexts: Improving University Well-Being, a Case Study
Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, Diedre Kligyte, Tyler Key

Vol 7, Issue 2 (2021)
Issue Systemic Mapping and Design Research: Towards Participatory Democratic Engagement 
Juan de la Rosa, Stan Ruecker, Carolina Giraldo

Designerly Approaches for Catalyzing Change in Social Systems: A Social Structures Approach Josina Vink, Katarina Wetter-Edman, Kaisa Koskela-Huotari

Vol 6, Issue 3 (2020)

Systemic Design Principles in Social Innovation: A Study of Expert Practices and Design Rationales Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, Bridget Malcolm

Issues featuring RSD authors

Vol 3, Issue 3 (2018): The Systemic Turn: Leverage for World Changing

Five articles were drawn from authors presenting at RSD5, Toronto 2016.

Vol 5, Issue 2 (2019): Pathways to Systemic Design

Open Access to this special number from RSD6 October 2017, in Oslo Norway at the Oslo School of Architecture and design.

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