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Service Portfolio Mapping: Using value propositions to design user-centred service systems


Marc Chataigner and Will Shaw

In complex and interconnected contexts, system thinking allows designers to understand collective behaviours, systemic hurdles, and interactions with the situation or possible futures. Although it evolved to include user-centred design, system design often remains a top-down approach, especially how it assigns value creation. Drawing on a project on a service portfolio mapping for a public organisation, we found that the key customer needs the service portfolio ought to fulfil allow making sense of the service system and deliver value for citizens, the organisation, and policymakers. This finding occurred as we shifted our approach from product system to service system following a Service-Dominant (S-D) logic. We propose that S-D logic works as a fruitful contribution to systemic design in highlighting how service systems are oriented by value propositions and coordinated between actors by shared institutional arrangements.

Keywords: systemic design, S-D logic, public organisation, product portfolio, value co-creation, service ecosystem

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