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Sensemaking Workshop: Applying systemic design practice to generate new insights

Format: Workshops, RSD11, Topic: Methods & Methodology

Gina Belle, Emilia Lischke, and Cara Stewart

The RSD Symposium attracts a diverse constituency of systems thinkers, designers, academics, and multi-disciplinary leaders and practitioners from across the world. They join RSD to experience and make sense of emerging areas of interest to systemic design and the world at large, engaging with its complexity and looking at the big picture and its implications for their own organisations, operating contexts and practice.

The CHÔRA Foundation’s sensemaking process is an engaging, situated, and socialised experience that accelerates collective learning and helps to make sense of experience collectively. It is a proven and tested facilitated process which engages people, extracts insights, maps connections, and forms intelligence as the source of impact and action. Robust and effective sensemaking is the key to social system transformation, organisational learning and to strategic leadership in complex problem spaces.

This workshop will apply the CHÔRA Foundation’s Sensemaking Protocol as a structured and facilitated approach to making sense across the panels, conversations and events of RSD11. It is designed to create a collective learning experience. Participants will collaborate to share, layer, connect and combine various expertise and experiences they have gained from the event to actively generate contextual and emergent collective intelligence. It will enable open and curiosity-driven conversations building a shared sense of emerging opportunities, shifting paradigms and disruptions.

Our unique approach to sensemaking lends itself to being situated in a conference context. The Protocol that we draw on has been developed and has been tested across multiple problems and sectors, including social development, climate, innovation, urban resilience and renewal, financial services, governance and public and private sector organisations, for over two decades and is currently deployed globally by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program).

KEYWORDS: system transformation, strategic design, systemic design, portfolios of strategic innovation options, complexity, uncertainty, organisational learning




Citation Data

Author(s): Gina Belle, Emilia Lischke, and Cara Stewart
Year: 2022
Title: Sensemaking Workshop: Applying systemic design practice to generate new insights
Published in: Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design
Volume: RSD11
Article No.: 055
Host: University of Brighton
Location: Brighton, UK
Symposium Dates: October 3–16, 2022
First published: 30 September 2022
Last update: 30 April 2023
Publisher Identification: ISSN 2371-8404
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