Self-managing the System of Healthcare

Facilitator: Russell Gundry, UK NHS, Philip & Finch

The workshop topic sits within the realm of systemic design in healthcare services: exploring an occluded area of opportunity to build resilience and balance demand. The issue of ‘self-management’ is a key factor in preventing ill health and avoiding complications, and as such is a priority focus for health services globally. A related session will be run at the UK National Health Service Expo University in September, and the outputs of these sessions will feed into a wider research agenda.

This workshop seeks to investigate the inter-relational dynamics between and among systems relating to healthcare and self-management, suggesting that an opportunity area for addressing the problem of avoidable Long Term Conditions (LTCs) exists in the collective responsibility between healthcare services, people, patients and communities. It hypothesises that exploring the way in which people engage with healthcare may yield insight into transformational outcomes, made possible through deep learning.

The workshop will follow an outline format of:

  • A brief provocation, outlining a different way of thinking about self-management.
  • Several rounds of ‘work’ through which participants, working in small groups of 3-4 share their thoughts, ideas and responses to a focused question
  • The opportunity for emergent views emerging through open space facilitation
  • Synthesis conversations to draw out some of the key insights generated by the workshop.
Posted Sep-2016

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