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Category: RSD9 Programme

October 9-17, 2020


National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India

October 9-17, 2020


National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India

Systemic Design for Well-Being: From human to humane


RSD9 created a place for pause and reflection, but also bold ideas and forward-thinking discussion. The outcome is a collection of over 50 presentations on design outcomes and programs informed by research, real applications, and practices to address problems in the unbounded complexity of social and ecological systems.

Photos: The National Institute of Design campus and Vandana Shiva's keynote with Peter Jones and Praveen Nahar.

A fully virtual event

RSD9 took place six-months into the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic. Recognizing the human need to reach out, care for others, and find joy at such a serious time, the organizing team gathered all their creativity and enterprise to produce a fully virtual event.

To reduce the stress of long periods sitting in front of a screen, the established 2-3 day RSD program became RSD9 Week – offering a short day of proceedings together with a full offering of online events over a seven-day period. The program ranged from academics to mindfulness and brought together over 500 delegates.


RSD9 Proceedings List

Regaining a new sense of well-being by design

RSD9 Keynote. Harold G. Nelson: The COVID-19 virus has been the catalyst for disruptive pandemic changes around the world. Our norms are being forever changed. Our sense of well-being has been lost. New norms are needed now because a new normal is desired and necessary. It is a perilous game to play if the process of forming new norms is left to unfold by chance rather than intension.

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