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Category: RSD8 Programme

October 13-15, 2019


IIT Institute of Design (ID), Chicago, US

October 13-15, 2019


IIT Institute of Design (ID), Chicago, Illinois

Systems Change + Design for Governance


"I’m trying to explore this complex space of innovation because I think that in the design field, we have reached our limit of understanding the type of issues and challenges that we are working on as wicked problems. I think that one of the main theoretical frameworks that have been supporting the design activity was a move from problem-solving into wicked problems. Then we have a lot of newer practices in design that started exploring how do we deal with wicked problems. That kind of approach and framing is still guiding the design activity, even as we deal with completely different types of challenges and situations, as well as trying to move the design practice into new areas and new territories. I'm trying to use this place-holder, meaning the complex space of innovation, as a concept to be able to explore new interpretations about these type of challenges."

– Carlos Teixeira, Chair RSD8

RSD8 was held on October 13-15, 201 and hosted by the IIT Institute of Design (ID), a graduate school teaching systemic, human-centred design. The proceedings reflect experimentation, rigorous methods, human-centeredness, and strategy.

When is SD regenerative?

Justyna Swat, Tobias Luthe, and Birger Sevaldson facilitated a fishbowl open think tank harvesting session to explore what kind of values, direction and currencies may advance the academic discourse and the designerly practice of SD. The five-minute short documentary gives an impression of social dynamics at work.

Workshop: Fishbowl Dialogue

Photos: Institute of Design campus, and Ziyan Hossain and Dee Brooks.


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