Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD3) 2014 Symposium
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Oslo, Norway | October 2014

Published by Oslo School of Architecture and Design (SDRN)

ISBN: 978-82-547-0263-5


Author. (2014). Article title. In Proceedings of RSD3, Third Symposium of Relating Systems Thinking to Design. Oslo, Norway: Oslo School of Architecture and Design, October 15-17, 2014.

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“Relating” Systems + Design

Chair: Birger Sevaldson

Co-Editors: Sevaldson and Peter Jones

Oslo School of Architecture and Design | OCAD University

The RSD3 symposium was held in Oslo, Norway and engaged over 200 participants and over 50 authors, with a much broader range of contributions across related fields of design and systemics. The 5 keynote speakers established a significant presence for the field, “relating” from both the systems and design disciplines.

The emerging renaissance of systems thinking in design responds to the increasing complexity in all challenges faced by designers, strategists, and transdisciplinary innovators. We are facing deeply entangled problematics in natural, social, economic, and political systems. Our professional and organizational worlds have become too complex for linear goal-driven management, and the solution of conventional design thinking is insufficient to address complexity across domains, scales, and networks. New thinking, new knowledge, and new forms of intervention are required to take on this web of interconnected challenges.

RSD3 Symposium Proceedings

RSD3 proceedings are listed in the following order: introduction, keynote speakers, and papers.

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