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online systemic design sessions

Geographic visualisation of River Glåma, Norway’s longest and most voluminous river by Daniel Coe.  | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

55 author-led talks

peer-reviewed papers

27 reports & presentations

peer-reviewed articles

12 panels & discussions

community-initiated & peer-led sessions

16 workshops

methods & tools direct from the people developing them

Barnekonvensjoner: Designing with the complex dramas in child welfare, “Who is responsible for children’s well-being?” Photo: Kristiania/Jonatan Quintero.

ONLINE | OCT 12–20, 2024 | includes RSDX

RSD13-ONLINE features systemic design paper talks and presentations October 16–18. The programme starts with RSDX, an online space for community sessions featuring online workshops, panels, and speakers October 12–15 and 19&20.

RSD13-ONLINE comprises tributaries—rivers of knowledge that flow into RSD13-OSLO, increasing its flow and channel depth and reflecting the landscape we traverse. Influenced by gradients, shapes, and texture, RSD13 aims to transport knowledge, support ecosystems, and provide air and space for ideas. RSD13 aims to collect knowledge perspectives, praxeologies and lived experience from the tributaries of RSD13-ONLINE, the RSD13-OSLO channel, and the forest streams of RSD13-Nordmarka Forest to contribute to the well-being of larger and adjacent systems via systemic design.

Registration also includes access to livestreamed sessions from RSD13-OSLO, October 22–24.

RSD13-ONLINE organiser Ayşe Kaplan Sarisaltik (right) at the REDUCE project gathering, June 2024.


weave in and out with colleagues

Rivers of conversations

RSD13-ONLINE features three days of systemic design paper talks and presentations from October 16 to 18, plus RSDX, online workshops and speakers, offered at various times from October 12 to 24.

RSD13-OSLO is a three-day in-person symposium held at AHO and Vippa with speakers from the systemic design network from OCT 22 to 24. Optional in-person weekend workshops at OsloMet OCT 19 to 21.

RSD13-NORDMARKA FOREST is an additional two-day forest retreat on October 25 and 26, with an open-space agenda. The ticket includes RSD13-ONLINE, RSD13-OSLO, and food and accommodation for one night at Studenthytta.

research & reports, workshops, panels & discussions

REDUCE project session using systemic design to understand plastic consumption and find points of influence.


RSD13-ONLINE features author-led paper talks and presentations. The articles are available in advance, and authors typically spend ten minutes describing their work and allow ten minutes for feedback, which they then consider during the revision period that precedes the publication of the proceedings. The papers are selected by the academic committee based on the comments and rankings of peer reviewers. This year, 126 volunteers handled 256 reviews.


Over the past five years, workshops have become a popular RSD feature and evolved into a self-directed, semi-autonomous, co-production opportunity for organisers, who set the capacity and length. These sessions can put you in touch with leading-edge methods and tools, create deep pools of discussion, and create room for connecting in a smaller group around shared activities.


These sessions are proposed through the open call and represent the things we need to talk about now. For instance, RSD11 featured cybernetics and confronting legacies of oppression, and RSD12 embraced entanglements in systemic design with 12 hubs and Mapping Mondays.

Sketchnote from The Roots of System-Oriented Design paper talk at RSD9. Courtesy of Asha Avinash.

RSD13 invites you to consider systemic design’s emerging features in the context of knowledge perspectives, praxeologies, and lived experience. The rivers of conversations metaphor harkens us to the tributaries of the thirteen RSD hubs in 2023, connects the ecotones of previous symposia, and the interdisciplinary functions of systemic design as bridges that connect meanings and mental models.

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