RSD13: River of Conversations

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News! The Oslo School of Architecture and Design is hosting Relating Systems Thinking and Design 13 in October 2024. The group will post updates here as plans progress.

RSD13 invites you to consider systemic design’s emerging features in the context of knowledge perspectives, praxeologies, and lived experience. The river of conversations metaphor harkens us to the tributaries of the thirteen RSD hubs in 2023, connects the ecotones of previous symposia, and the interdisciplinary functions of systemic design as bridges that connect meanings and mental models.

Early ideas and themes are coming together and will be posted in the formal call for contributions. Here are some of the streams under consideration:

  • Design with other disciplines
  • Care and well-being
  • Safety, security, and resilience
  • Sustainable and regenerative realisations
  • Pasts, present and futures
  • Failures, learnings, and hope

RSD13 is envisioned as a seven-day event beginning with a three-day online pre-conference programme designed around ten-minute webinars with assigned discussants. The online sessions are followed by a three-day in-person symposium, which is an opportunity to convene around a single paper track and keynote speakers from the systemic design network and is followed by a de-conference day, also in-person, which takes a retreat format with an open space agenda and playshops.

Important dates

Call for contributions: beginning of January 2024

Deadline for submissions: end of March 2024

Feedback to authors:
end of October 2024

mid-October 2024

end of October 2024

RSD13 Consultation

RSD13 is a collective event Share your experience and offer your thoughts on RSD13. Please take a few minutes to participate in the consultation.

Visual Inspiration

Image by Daniel E Coe

The interpretative image chosen for RSD13 is a visual interpretation derived from a high-resolution stereo digital elevation model of the Lena River delta by Daniel Coe, whose cartographic interests include geologic and geomorphic processes, natural hazards, biogeography, and lidar-based landform visualisation. The entire collection of geographic visualisation by Daniel Coe is on Flicker.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

Detail view of the Lena River delta, LiDAR-based landform visualization
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