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the forest as a space for slowing down, learning, and engaging

Geographic visualisation of River Glåma, Norway’s longest and most voluminous river.
Daniel Coe  | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

the river as a metaphor
open space agenda

hands-on activities
being with people and place

2 days

a gathering of 50 people

Systemic design colleagues at RSD12 Nordmarka forest in 2023.

Hosted by SDA-Norway | October , 25 & 26, 2024 | Nordmarka Forest | Studenterhytta | Norway

RSD13 invites you to the RSD 13-Nordmarka forest to reflect on the rivers of conversation during our days in Oslo and online events the week before.

The forest and the river are deeply connected. Nature invites us to pause, sense, process and reflect from multiple perspectives, and the forest conjures metaphors for plurality, emergence, and wholeness.

Sharing experiences at RSD12 Nordmarka forest in 2023.

The Studenterhytta is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the forest. The place is within the field boundary; you can get here on foot, by bike or on skis.

Clear water can be seen directly behind the cabin. The area around Blankvann and Studenterhytta is a Landscape Conservation Area due to its very rich flora and many rare flowers and plant species. Three main buildings form a yard: Kjellerberget Restaurant, the family cabin, and the large OSI cabin. The facilities include basic bunk bedrooms (for groups of 6-8 people), a living room with a fireplace, a shared sauna, bathrooms, and shared showers.

The sleeping and sanitary facilities are basic, as other Norwegian hytta. There are shared rooms with bunk beds, shared showers, and an outside bathroom).

Rivers of conversations

RSD13-ONLINE features three days of systemic design paper talks and presentations from October 16 to 18, plus RSDX, online workshops and speakers, offered at various times from October 12 to 24.

RSD13-OSLO is a three-day in-person symposium held at AHO and Vippa with speakers from the systemic design network from OCT 22 to 24. Optional in-person weekend workshops at OsloMet OCT 19 to 21.

RSD13-NORDMARKA FOREST is an additional two-day forest retreat on October 25 and 26, with an open-space agenda. The ticket includes RSD13-ONLINE, RSD13-OSLO, and food and accommodation for one night at Studenthytta.

agenda: reflecting, connecting, setting directions

Discussing ideas at RSD12 Nordmarka forest in 2023.

RSD13-Nordmarka forest is a space for reflecting and connecting with others on their experiences, learnings and perspectives from the RSD13 conference and beyond. Different activities will float us along three phases during our time together.


We make time to dive into what the content from the RSD13 symposium means for each of us. How does this material influence or challenge our individual practices, norms, perspectives, ways of being, seeing, feeling and/or listening?


Once our individual reflections have been drawn out, we exchange and examine them with others. What does it mean for ourselves? What does this mean for others? What new insights come from this exposure? What emerges in the exchange?


Conversations and experiences give way to seeing new possibilities. What have we learned and acquired through this exchange? What does this mean for us and our praxis, concretely? What can be done to take the conversation stream further? Now, what do we do with these learnings?

The programme’s activities will be both defined and undefined. Everyone is encouraged to participate and facilitate—we all become resources, knowledge holders, and facilitators in this space.

An open space agenda will be used to give each participant time and opportunity to discuss the topics of their interest, allowing for distributed participation and dialogue.

Image: Nordmarka Forest, fall mist. Source: Kris-Mikael Krister on Unsplash.

RSD13 invites you to consider systemic design’s emerging features in the context of knowledge perspectives, praxeologies, and lived experience. The rivers of conversations metaphor harkens us to the tributaries of the thirteen RSD hubs in 2023, connects the ecotones of previous symposia, and the interdisciplinary functions of systemic design as bridges that connect meanings and mental models.

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Systemic Design Association
Partners: AHO, Halogen, designit, systemic design association, oslomet, frog


At RSD12 Mikkel Soya Bølstad introduced us to Nordmarka forest, the meaning of forest to people, the problems and opportunities we face when we engage with nature—and how we have consumed the natural resources of nature.

SDA-Norway partner

SDA Norway (SDA-NO) is an informal national pilot chapter of the Systemic Design Association (SDA). It is an active and collaborative network engaged in building a local systemic design community in Norway (based in the Oslo region). SDA-NO gathers practitioners, academic design researchers and teachers in systemic design, particularly interested in systems oriented design (SOD) in Norway. An offspring of SOD is the Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) symposia, which began with the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2012 and resulted in the founding of the Systemic Design Research Network and later, the Systemic Design Association, founded in 2018.

The purpose of SDA-NO is to support the development, diffusion and celebration of systemic design practice, methodology and theory in the Nordic region.

In line with the SDA statutes, SDA-NO supports a pluralistic approach and view in the development of systemic design and encourages a variety of different approaches to flourish. SDA-NO supports the development of normative ethical standards related to agency, actions, and the consequences of systemic design practice. SDA-NO pursues a spirit of openness and follows a principle of low-overhead operations and distributed responsibility.


Birger Sevaldson, The Oslo School of Architecture (AHO), 

Angel Lamar, Designit, 

Jonathan Romm, AHO/Halogen, 

Andreas Wettre, AHO,

Marie Van den Bergh, AHO/ frog,

Josina Vink, AHO,

Kristin Støren Wigum, Oslo Met,

Tore Gulden, Oslo Met,

Benedice Wildhagen, DOGA,