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RSD13 Call for Reviewers

by | Mar 2024 | RSD13, SDA blog, Topic: Mapping & Modelling

Are you available to review a paper?

The peer-review period starts as soon as submissions are complete—no later than April 30—and runs until June 30. Systemic design’s interdisciplinary nature means that people from all fields are welcome. Please take a few moments to indicate your availability on the reviewer acceptance form.

Review comments are one of the valued outcomes of the call for papers. Whether accepted or not, authors regularly express their thanks for feedback on their work. As a reviewer, you are part of a community providing input to help authors develop their work. If accepted, your feedback and suggestions immediately support presentations at the symposium and publication in the proceedings. Beyond that, as depicted in the SDA scholars spiral, your input and suggestions become part of the author’s journey. The cool thing is that when it comes to reviewing, we all learn—authors, reviewers, and editors.

Not sure?

There are two main elements to reviewing for RSD. The first is to confirm the quality of the work: Is it original? Are the references adequate? Does it fit with the symposium themes? The second is to provide advice rather than judge. Reviewers suggest ways the author(s) might improve their paper and provide constructive notes and reference resources. Please reach out if you have questions or aren’t certain that reviewing is right for you.

Reviewing Reviewing 

This set of hour-long conversations is concentrated on reviewing submissions for conferences and journals and is an opportunity to consider a range of topics, such as how reviewing is positioned in an academic career path and how it contributes to research and praxis. These sessions will be recorded and aim to represent various perspectives and answer questions as a resource for people new to reviewing while offering fresh insights for established reviewers and editors.

Two sessions in two time zones—hosted by Ryan Murphy—featuring Ray Ison, Peter Jones, Houda Khayame, Wendy Ross, and Ruth Schmidt. Bring your curiosity, stories, pragmatism, and the proverbial red pen.

Reviewing Reviewing information & registration

Promote inclusivity

Please share this post with colleagues who might be interested in reviewing for RSD13.

This form takes just a few minutes to complete. The form can also be accessed via this link (opens a new tab).


RSD Review Process

RSD Review Process

Details about formats for authors, facilitators, and exhibitors. Contributions are included in the proceedings, a searchable repository of systemic design resources used by researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

RSD Guidelines

RSD Guidelines

Submission guidelines provide a detailed description of how to prepare a document for all submission formats: papers, presentations, workshops, and systems maps and exhibits.


Final submissions are due on
April 30

Open call for Reviewers
April 1–30

Feedback to authors
June 30

sessions OCTOBER 16–18

RSD13-OSLO & Nordmarka Forest October 22–26

Lidar-derived image of the Danube River and floodplain near Tulln, Austria. Daniel Coe. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED