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This grouping consists of papers presented at RSD12-Washington DC. Authors make a 10 to 15-minute presentation, and approximately 15 minutes is dedicated to discussing each paper. Authors have the opportunity to incorporate revisions based on the session into the final version of their article, published in Relating Systems Thinking and DesignRSD12, in March 2024.

#133 Michael Arnold Mages, Catherine Kennedy, and Joli Holmes
Patient Decision-Making in the Context of a Healthcare System

#282 Victor Udoewa
Learnings from Black Liberation System Entanglements Part I: A decolonial healing-centered approach

#263 Angelsea Saby
How is Canada’s energy future projected? A case study for synthesis mapping in net-zero energy modelling

#298 Peter Stoyko
Anatomy of System Notations: A comprehensive inventory of graphical devices (map)

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