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Category: RSD12-Amsterdam: Systemic co-design

RSD12-Amsterdam: Systemic co-design

Where's the agenda?

The agenda for each RSD12-HUB is available from the hub event page (blue menu). RSD12-HUBS are in-person events, live-streaming select sessions to RSD12-ONLINE.

RSD12-ONLINE dates and times are available once you register for RSD12-ONLINE via links to the RSD12-ONLINE lobby. You can bookmark sessions, build an itinerary and add sessions to your calendar. Session recordings are immediately available following each session directly from the agenda, so you don't need to miss a thing.

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Talks: Materialities

Chiara Battistoni | Bilge Aktaş | Simin Tao and Qi Zhang | Lalon Lalon and Gayarti Menon | Siv Årsand, Maja van der Velden, and Andrea Gasparini | Stephen Wood, Jeanette Andrews, Miso Kim, Estefania Cilliotta Chehade, Michael Arnold Mages, Linda Tvrdy, and Paolo Ciuccarelli

Digital Rights

Jake Blok, Anouk Geenen, Ander de Keijzer, Rosa Louwerse, Wina Smeenk, and Ben Wagner

Playing With Systems

Dan Lockton, Jet Vervoort, Maikel Waardenburg, Jessica Duncan, Josie Chambers, Raimon Ripoll Bosch, Joost Vervoort, Joyce Browne, George Downward, Alay Llamas, Sable Knight, Dan Vy Vu, and Saskia Colombant

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