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RSD12: Entangled in Emergence


RSD12 Symposium: Entangled in Emergence

by | Apr 2023 | About RSD, Call for Contributions, News & Notes, RSD12

About RSD12

RSD12: Entangled in Emergence uses four “entanglements of interest,” to group topics and submissions from multiple perspectives. These entanglements—natural, technological, political and foundational—situate systemic design and designers within the interconnected questions, patterns, and impacts that are shaping the emergent systems reconfiguring our world.

RSD12 continues the transdisciplinary ethos of past Relating Systems Thinking and Design symposia and invites work from all academic disciplines and areas of practice. We ask that you make every effort to review previous work in the area by exploring the catalogue of past submissions on this website to situate your contribution. 

Submissions are invited for all formats: papers and presentations, in-person and online workshops, systems maps and other exhibits.

Entanglements of Interest—full descriptions

Emergence and Entanglement

Even the deepest entanglements eventually unravel, and every unravelling is an opportunity for new entanglements to emerge. In the twelve years since the first Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium, we have experienced the unravelling of the social, economic, environmental, and technological orders that have been the stable foundation of an increasingly interdependent world. Some of that disruption has revealed the limits of the previous regime and deepened entrenched inequities. But, turbulent times also create space for alternative ways of thinking and acting—some of which are older and forgotten, and some of which are newly possible. In the midst of so much disruption, it is easy to forget that we remain more connected and more dependent on each other than ever and that we each have a role to play in shaping the entanglements that will emerge from the chaos around us. We are all entangled in emergence.

All systems, large and small, global and local, experience disorder as a necessary precursor to emergent structures, connections, and patterns that will shape a thriving future. In chaordic systems, chaos makes the future unpredictable, but elements of order provide the framework for progress. These systems need conscientious stewards to guide them towards stability, to ensure that voices are heard, actions are just, and to provide visions of a better future. Like everyone else, designers are entangled in the systems of the world, but unlike most, designers acknowledge their ability to influence change through exploration, connection, creativity, and action. For systemic designers, this work cannot occur without an acknowledgement of future effects and systemic pressures, and certainly won’t be successful without awareness of our own role in what emerges.

This year, the RSD12 Program Committee invites you to consider your work in the context of “entanglements.”
Quick reference—dates

October 6–20: RSD12-ONLINE, hosted by Georgetown University [International]

October 6: RSD12-Bogotá, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, COL

October 7: RSD12-Pittsburgh, #NewMacy and Carnegie Mellon University, USA

October 8: RSD12-Kingston on Thames, Kingston University, GBR

October 9: RSD12-Ahmedabad, National Institute of Design, IND

October 10:
RSD12-Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey, MEX
RSD12-Edmonton, Indigenous Knowledge & Wisdom Centre, Alberta, CAN

October 10 & 11:
RSD12-Amsterdam, Expertise Netwerk Systemisch Co-Design, NLD

October 11–13: RSD12-Nordmarka Forest, SDA-Norway

October 13 & 14:
RSD12-Loughborough, Loughborough University, GBR
RSD12-Toronto, SDA-Toronto, Ontario, Canada

October 14:
RSD12-Shenzhen, SUSTech School of Design, Shenzhen, CHN

October 16: RSD12-Turin, Politecnico di Torino, ITA

October 16 & 18:
RSD12-Vancouver, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, British Columbia, CAN

October 18–20: RSD12-Washington DC, Georgetown University, USA

Programme Overview

RSD12 has two components: RSD12-ONLINE and RSD12-HUBS. RSD12-ONLINE is a 15-day international virtual event. RSD12-HUBS are 1–3 day symposia that prioritise locality and in-person sessions. The culminating hub, set at Georgetown University in Washington DC, will collect and digest learnings from each hub and chart a future trajectory for systemic design. 

The RSD12 Call for Contributions is centralised and includes papers and presentations, online and in-person workshops, systems maps and other exhibits.

RSD12-ONLINE runs from October 6–20 and will be streamed from 12:00–16:00 UTC. The four-hour daily program is dedicated to systemic design papers and emergent work. It also includes online workshops, keynote speakers, and other activities, all on the RSD12 Zoom Events platform.

RSD12-HUBS features symposia hosted by systemic design groups in Canada, Colombia, India, Italy,Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the USA. Hub programmes are 1–3 days in length and are scheduled sequentially from October 6–20. Each hub develops and manages its onsite event, including programming and registration. Full details, such as registration links and contact information, are included on each Hub page.

RSD12-EMERGING FROM ENTANGLEMENT will be held at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA, from October 18 to 20. In addition to a programme of keynote speakers, panels, and workshops, the RSD12 symposium will feature RSD12-HUB sessions and the Systemic Design Association General Assembly on Friday, October 20, 2023.

For authors & contributors

What and Why: Entanglements

What and Why: Entanglements

Considering entanglements in our everyday lives, different views of entanglements, and why we chose them for RSD12.

RSD12 Focus Areas

RSD12 Focus Areas

How the RSD12 programme is organised: tracks, theme, sub-theme, and focus areas.

RSD Review Process

RSD Review Process

Details about formats for authors, facilitators, and exhibitors. Contributions are included in the proceedings, a searchable repository of systemic design resources used by researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

RSD Style Guide

RSD Style Guide

Submission guidelines provide a detailed description of how to prepare a document for all submission formats: papers, presentations, workshops, and systems maps and exhibits.

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