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OCTOBER 6–20, 2023


12 Hubs & Online


Proceedings June 2024

OCTOBER 6–20, 2023

13 Hubs & Online


Entangled in Emergence

Entangled in Emergence


Online sessions ran from October 6–20, with papers streamed from 12:00–16:00 UTC. The daily program was dedicated to systemic design papers and emergent work. It also included online workshops, keynote speakers, and other activities, all on the RSD12 Zoom Events platform.


In-person symposia were hosted by 12 systemic design groups in Canada, Colombia, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the USA. Hub programmes were 1–3 days in length and scheduled sequentially from October 6–20. Each hub developed and managed its onsite event, including programming and registration.


Emerging from Entanglement was held at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA, from October 18 to 20. In addition to a programme of keynote speakers and panels, RSD12-Washington DC hosted the Systemic Design Association General Assembly on Friday, October 20, 2023.

RSD12 Chair, Evan Barba on the entanglements.

RSD Editor Cheryl May’s RSD12-HUBS compilation.

SDA Chair Silvia Barbero’s introductory remarks at the annual general assembly.

RSD12 | Hub Partners

RSD12 Keynotes

RSD12 Sessions

Talks: Design Research

Hillary Carey and Jessica Meharry | Irem Tekogul | Palak Dudani and Karianne Rygh | Diana Maria Mahecha, Juan de la Rosa and Juan Carlos Arias | Jenna Mikus

Talks: Washington DC

Michael Arnold Mages, Catherine Kennedy, and Joli Holmes | Victor Udoewa | Angelsea Saby | Peter Stoyko

Talks: Systems Oriented Design

Francis D’Silva, Bjørn Rask Thomsen and Torun Degnes | Ingerid Helsing Almaas, Camilla Therese Hansen and Eva Hugenschmidt | Leandro Porras Molina | Haley Fitzpatrick and Tobias Luthe | Birger Sevaldson and Andreas Wettre

Talks: Stories

Queenie Clarke | Guido Campi | Tatiana Efremenko and Honorata Grzesikowska | Chantal Spencer | Elise Talgorn | Victor Udoewa | Danielle Lake, Sandy Marshall, Rozana Carducci, Nick Gozik and Tracey Thurnes | Anna Margolis and Fenna Blomsma | Michalina Fidos

Talks: Policy

Helen Avery | Greg van Alstyne | Thomas Maiorana and Patrick Little | Gayatri Menon | Erin McAuliffe | Judith Mühlenhoff | Tabea Glahs, Maria Haukali and Marcela Urbano | Juan P. Velásquez, Åsa Ståhl, Mathilda Tham, Yanki Lee and Tobias Svanberg
| Linda Blaasvær and Tore Gulden

Talks: Place

Marie Davidová, Maria Claudia Valverde, and Hanane Behnam | Cecilia Padula and Silvia Barbero | Fiona Descoteaux, Donagh Horgan and Stephen Wall | Sharon Zivkovic | Elena Porqueddu | Tanya Efremenko and Honorata Grzesikowska | Marion Real, Carlotta Fontana Valenti, Pietro L. Verga, Pablo Muñoz, Ashley Laflin, and Milena Juarez

Talks: Nature

Skye Smith and Eleni Kalantidou | S Shankar, Praveen Nahar and Sahil Thappa | Katherine Mollenhauer, Cala Del Río, Javiera Rodríguez, Karen Silva and Vanessa Rugiero | Miray Boğa | Pauline Smith

Talks: Method & Theory

Ruth Schmidt | Ryan Murphy | Gary Bell, Kat Lovell, Isabel Dunckley and Javier Ander Calderon Tellez | Mamta Gautam | Jennifer Briselli | Irina Wang | Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, Dilek Sayedahmed, Tara Campbell, Gryphon Theriault-Loubier, and Sean Geobey | Perin Ruttonsha | Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer and Carine van Loon

Talks: Materialities

Chiara Battistoni | Bilge Aktaş | Simin Tao and Qi Zhang | Lalon Lalon and Gayarti Menon | Siv Årsand, Maja van der Velden, and Andrea Gasparini | Stephen Wood, Jeanette Andrews, Miso Kim, Estefania Cilliotta Chehade, Michael Arnold Mages, Linda Tvrdy, and Paolo Ciuccarelli

Talks: Language & AI

Eryk Salvaggio | Helen Avery | Tiwanee Van der Horst, Anja Overdiek and Maaike Harbers | Soenke Zehle, Sónia Alves, David Crombie and Esko Reinikainen | Steve Battle | Angie Fleming, Michele Fenlon and Ruslan Hetu

Talks: Innovation

Gijs Rempt, Sine Celik and Stein Wetzer | Krasimira Bozhinkova, Kevin Richard, and Andreea-Daiana Zavate | Emile Mazerant and Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer | Elisabeth Tschavgova, Elise Talgorn, Charlotte Kobus, Jo van Engelen, Conny Bakker, and Sonja van Dam | Jelena Sucic, Susu Nousala, David Ing, and Gary Metcalf

Talks: Humans & Machines

Espen Strange, Kjetil Nordby, and Rigmor Baraas | Christine Wacta | Michaela Honauer | Anna-Louisa Peeters, Nynke Tromp and Paul Hekkert | Alma Culén, Ines Junge, Nicholas Stevens, and William Gaver

Talks: Futuring

Scott Matter, Nadiya Safonova, Sonia Chwalek, and Anastasia Chebakova

Talks: Diseño Sistémico

Marie Davidová, Maria Claudia Valverde and Hanane Behnam | Cecilia Padula and Silvia Barbero | Fiona Descoteaux, Donagh Horgan and Stephen Wall | Sharon Zivkovic | Elena Porqueddu | Tanya Efremenko and Honorata Grzesikowska | Marion Real, Carlotta Fontana Valenti, Pietro L. Verga, Pablo Muñoz, Ashley Laflin and Milena Juarez

Talks: Design Research

Hillary Carey and Jessica Meharry | Irem Tekogul | Palak Dudani and Karianne Rygh | Diana Maria Mahecha, Juan de la Rosa, and Juan Carlos Arias | Jenna Mikus

Talks: Cybernetics

Claudia Westermann | Shucen Liu, Larry Richards and Claudia Westermann | Puli Li, Pille Bunnell and Claudia Westermann | Ruoxi Li, Tom Scholte and Claudia Westermann | Annan Zuo and Frederick Steier

Studio: Socioecological design

Three maps are generated through metaphors, and one considers dependence on virgin wood in home furniture. Locally Grown maps the spaces between the elements to explore systemic design interventions in human hair waste.

Talks: Case Studies

Katherine Gillieson and Howsem Huang | Lewis Muirhead and Ryan Murphy | Gryphon Theriault-Loubier | Celiane Camargo Borges and Licia Calvi | Nadiya Safonova, Sonia Chwalek, Anastasia Chebakova, Megan Strazds-Esenbergs, Flynn Gottselig, and Jeannie Dempster

Studio: Unmapped

These exhibits are a departure from pictorial maps. Two site-specific installations mapped systems so they could be experienced from multiple points of view. The third, an experiment in art-science collaboration, resulted in richly rendered systemic representations of scientific findings. Also presented is the inventory of graphical devices.

Studio: Mapping for Futuring

Four mapping for futuring projects in three contexts: studio-led university project, transformation lab, researcher-led.

Studio: Mapping as framework

These four project posters reflect mapping as frameworks to describe and inspire multiple perspectives at different scales.

Studio: About our lives

Four projects from the National Institute of Design (India) represent contemporary exemplars of the metaphor style. They incorporate vivid graphics and extended formats and combine information density with detailed and expertly executed graphics.

Salon: Values of Futures

Maggie Greyson, Alexis Tennent, Jizhen Shan and Yunlong Wang, Emily MacLoud and Ashleigh West, and Luea Ritter

Salon: Interstitial Spaces

Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, Adrià Garcia i Mateu, Darwin Muljono, Maya Narayan and Anshul Agrawal, and Dilek Sayedahmed

Briefs: Synergies & Transdisciplinary

Mey Goh and Salma Ghulma, Chris Moore, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Gyuchan Jun, Antuela Tako, Patrick Waterson, Ian Hodgkinson and Siyuan Ji, Simon Downs, Tincuta Heinzel, Hazel Ingham, Ana Andrade, Chris Elliott and Meaghan O’Neil

Briefs: Health

Thomas Jun and Niang Fu, Antuela A. Tako, Antonina Mutoro, Milka Wanjohi, Calistus Wilunda, Thore Nitz, Gyuchan Thomas Jun, Patrick Waterson, Elizabeth Kimani and Paula Griffiths, Saydia Wesley, Peter McCulloch and Olivia Lounsbury, Haotian Yi, Thomas Jun, Diane Gyi and Samar Betmounit, Juan Ignacio De La Torre Zapata, Tincuta Heinzel and Roberta Bernabei, Haiou Zhu, Cees De Bont, Thorsten Gruber and Hua Dong

Briefs: Engagement

Shichao Zhao and Eduardo Mendez-Gonzalez, Sue Lattanzio, Joanne Berry-Frith, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Gyuchan Jun, Satheesh Gangadharan, Sarah Rabbitte and Amy Wilkins, Mersha Aftab, Holly Turpin and Eszter Hegymegi

Briefs: Climate Action

Ian Hodgkinson and Aminah Ghulam-Nabi, Marcia Tavares Smith, Bran Knowles, Kelly Widdicks, Gordon Blair, Gabrielle Samuel, Lucas Somavilla, Marina Jirotka, Carolyn Ten Holter and Federica Lucivero, Stefania Sansoni and George E. Torrens, Stefania Sansoni and George E. Torrens, Mohd Shoaib, Antuela Tako, Armando Vargas-Palacios, and Ramzi Fayad

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