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all online & livestream sessions

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RSD12-ONLINE was a 15-day pass to online-only sessions—speakers, panels, papers, presentations, interactives, and workshops—and all livestreamed sessions from 13 hubs.

Co-produced by Georgetown University and the Systemic Design Association.

georgetown dc

in-person conference

14. Emerging from entanglement

RSD12-EMERGING FROM ENTANGLEMENT was hosted by Georgetown University, Washington, DC, USA, from October 18 to 20. In addition to a programme of keynote speakers, panels, and workshops, the RSD12 symposium featured RSD12-HUB sessions and the Systemic Design Association General Assembly on Friday, October 20, 2023.

12 hubs

in-person symposia

RSD12-HUBS featured in-person programmes that were 1–3 days in length and scheduled sequentially from October 6–20. Each hub developed and manages its onsite event, including programming and registration.

1. Design Research

2. Transgenerational Collaboration

3. Cyber and digital

4. Hopeful Futures

5. Participatory Ecosystems

7. Indigenous Knowledge & Wisdom

6. Co-Design

8. Reflexivity, ecocentrism, regenerative

9. Synergy between sciences

10. Futuring

Vancouver October 15 and 16 focus on climate justice

12. Climate Justice

13. Localising systemic change