Category: RSD12-Nordmarka Forest: Natural dialogues

RSD12-Nordmarka Forest: Natural dialogues

Sessions are posted (alpha by title) in the following order: paper sessions, keynotes, plenaries & panels, interactives/book talks, and workshops.

Where's the agenda?

The agenda for each RSD12-HUB is available from the hub event page (blue menu). RSD12-HUBS are in-person events, live-streaming select sessions to RSD12-ONLINE.

RSD12-ONLINE dates and times are available once you register for RSD12-ONLINE via links to the RSD12-ONLINE lobby. You can bookmark sessions, build an itinerary and add sessions to your calendar. Session recordings are immediately available following each session directly from the agenda, so you don't need to miss a thing.

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Papers: Humans & Machines

Espen Strange, Kjetil Nordby and Rigmor Baraas | Christine Wacta | Michaela Honauer | Anna-Louisa Peeters, Nynke Tromp and Paul Hekkert | Alma Culén, Ines Junge, Nicholas Stevens and William Gaver

Papers: Loughborough UK

Simon Downs, Chris Moore, Tincuta Heinzel, Chris Elliott, and Siyuan Ji
Marcia Tavares Smith, Stefania Sansoni, and Antuela Tako | Saydia Wesley, Haotian Yi, Haiou Zhu, Juan, and Ignacio De La Torre | Sue Lattanzio, Joanne Berry-Frith, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Mersha Aftab, and Holly Turpin

Papers: Nature

Skye Smith and Eleni Kalantidou | S Shankar, Praveen Nahar and Sahil Thappa | Katherine Mollenhauer, Cala Del Río, Javiera Rodríguez, Karen Silva and Vanessa Rugiero | Miray Boğa | Pauline Smith

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