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Loughborough, UK

Systems science, design science, citizen science, and data science

In today’s complex and rapidly changing world, the integration of multiple disciplines has become essential to address complex challenges in climate, healthcare, energy, and advanced technologies, to name a few. Loughborough University brings together researchers and practitioners who are interested in exploring the synergy between systems science, design science, citizen science and data science and their potential to solve complex challenges facing our societies.

Synergies between sciences represents combination of two or more of the following fields:

  • Systems science in designing and managing complex systems
  • Design science in developing innovative solutions to societal problems
  • Citizen science in engaging communities in research and decision-making
  • Data science in extracting insights and knowledge from complex data sets

A brighter future for both systems thinking and pragmatism

By explicitly embracing pragmatism, and taking it forward through critical systems thinking and practice, systems thinking can realize the hopes of the original pioneers and chart a bright future for itself. A shared philosophical orientation will bring greater mutual understanding between the currently disparate strands of the systems movement and more unity of purpose.

—Michael Jackson (2023) | RSD12 Keynote


Jackson, M. (2023, April 04). Pragmatism and critical systems thinking: Back to the future of systems thinking. Integration and Implementation Insights.

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Policymakers, researchers, practitioners and students were invited to participate in the RSD12-Loughborough transdisciplinary two-day systemic design symposium at Loughborough University.


Thomas Jun

Cecilia Landa-Avila

RSD12-LOUGHBOROUGH was organised by a team of researchers/practitioners from Loughborough University, who are responsible for programming and planning the event.

School of Design and Creative Arts

Professor Thomas Jun (socio-technical system design)
Dr Cecilia Landa-Avila (systemic design)
Professor Patrick Waterson (human factors and complex systems)
Dr Marianna Coulentianos (socially-engaged design)
Dr Val Mitchell (UX design)
Dr Carolina Escobar-Tello (sustainable design)
Dr Garrath Wilson (experience design)
Dr Shichao Zhao (digital creativity)
Dr Simon Downs (graphic communication)
Dr George Torrens (industrial design)

School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Melanie King (systems engineering)
Dr Ella-Mae Hubbard (systems engineering)
Dr Siyuan Ji (systems engineering)
Dr Mey Goh (transdisciplinary digital manufacturing)
Professor Michael Henshaw (systems engineering)

School of Business and Economics

Dr Antuela Tako (operations research)
Professor Ian Hodgkinson (strategic decision-making)

Briefs: Synergies & Transdisciplinary

Briefs: Synergies & Transdisciplinary

Mey Goh and Salma Ghulma, Chris Moore, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Gyuchan Jun, Antuela Tako, Patrick Waterson, Ian Hodgkinson and Siyuan Ji, Simon Downs, Tincuta Heinzel, Hazel Ingham, Ana Andrade, Chris Elliott and Meaghan O’Neil

Briefs: Health

Briefs: Health

Thomas Jun and Niang Fu, Antuela A. Tako, Antonina Mutoro, Milka Wanjohi, Calistus Wilunda, Thore Nitz, Gyuchan Thomas Jun, Patrick Waterson, Elizabeth Kimani and Paula Griffiths, Saydia Wesley, Peter McCulloch and Olivia Lounsbury, Haotian Yi, Thomas Jun, Diane Gyi and Samar Betmounit, Juan Ignacio De La Torre Zapata, Tincuta Heinzel and Roberta Bernabei, Haiou Zhu, Cees De Bont, Thorsten Gruber and Hua Dong

Briefs: Engagement

Briefs: Engagement

Shichao Zhao and Eduardo Mendez-Gonzalez, Sue Lattanzio, Joanne Berry-Frith, Cecilia Landa-Avila, Gyuchan Jun, Satheesh Gangadharan, Sarah Rabbitte and Amy Wilkins, Mersha Aftab, Holly Turpin and Eszter Hegymegi

Briefs: Climate Action

Briefs: Climate Action

Ian Hodgkinson and Aminah Ghulam-Nabi, Marcia Tavares Smith, Bran Knowles, Kelly Widdicks, Gordon Blair, Gabrielle Samuel, Lucas Somavilla, Marina Jirotka, Carolyn Ten Holter and Federica Lucivero, Stefania Sansoni and George E. Torrens, Stefania Sansoni and George E. Torrens, Mohd Shoaib, Antuela Tako, Armando Vargas-Palacios, and Ramzi Fayad


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