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Moderators: Jonathan Romm (Group 1) and Pille Bunnell (Group 2)

This grouping consists of papers that consider language and AI. Authors make a 10 to 15-minute presentation, and approximately 15 minutes are dedicated to discussing each paper. Authors have the opportunity to incorporate revisions based on the session into the final version of their article, published in Relating Systems Thinking and DesignRSD12, in March 2024.


#42 Eryk Salvaggio
How to Read a Generative AI System

#58 Helen Avery
Cutting Loose from Ghost Nets: Reestablishing trust and common ground in perilous waters

#186 Tiwanee Van der Horst, Anja Overdiek and Maaike Harbers
Designing a Physical Boundary Object to Invite Dialogue About Power Relations Behind AI Systems


#102 Soenke Zehle, Sónia Alves, David Crombie and Esko Reinikainen
Organizing Learning in Regenerative Systems: The Triple Loop is the Message

#121 Steve Battle
Conversation Theory for Design Agents

#262 Angie Fleming, Michele Fenlon and Ruslan Hetu
The Power of Language to Shift and Reinforce Desirable Systems Transformation

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