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Moderator: Ryan Murphy

These groupings consist of papers concerned with innovation. Authors make a 10 to 15-minute presentation, and approximately 15 minutes are dedicated to discussing each paper. Authors have the opportunity to incorporate revisions based on the session into the final version of their article, published in Relating Systems Thinking and Design, RSD12, in March 2024.

115 Gijs Rempt, Sine Celik and Stein Wetzer
From Artefacts to Meanings: Reframing organisational value propositions through systemic analysis of user-product relationships

151 Krasimira Bozhinkova, Kevin Richard and Andreea-Daiana Zavate
Multi-Ocean Strategy Framework: Designing impactful strategies for multi-actor engagement in the ecosystem economy

209 Emile Mazerant and Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer
The Social Dynamics of Frame Acceptance in Organizational Innovation Settings

254 Elisabeth Tschavgova, Elise Talgorn, Charlotte Kobus, Jo van Engelen, Conny Bakker and Sonja van Dam
From Systemic Insights to Sustainable Business Actions—A case study on GenZ Parents in the DACH Market

257 Jelena Sucic, Susu Nousala, David Ing and Gary Metcalf
The Here and Now—The process of building the discussion around the perceivable misalignments between technology and society in the industry 5.0 era

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