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RSD12: Entangled in Emergence


RSD12 Focus Areas

by | Apr 2023 | Call for Contributions

Systemic design has grown significantly around the world. Every local systemic design community of practice has developed its own set of methods, concerns, and stakeholders. The RSD12-Hubs model is intended to provide those local and regional communities the space and time to further develop those practices with those who are most involved, while also providing a platform for those groups to learn and share with others interested in systemic design.

The links below provide information about the RSD12 focus areas.

All accepted work will be part of the RSD12-ONLINE symposium and published as Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design, RSD12 (ISSN 2371-8404). RSD12-ONLINE runs from October 6 to 20, 2023. The Programme Committee will schedule sessions to align with the focus of each RSD12-HUB. In some cases, they will be held the same day(s) as the hub, and for others, offered as an online pre-conference or de-conference. Papers and Presentations are scheduled from 12:00 to 14:00 GMT every day; however, sessions will also be scheduled at other times, respecting the time zones of presenters and hubs.

Please note that RSD is supported through membership fees and registration only. You must be registered for RSD12-ONLINE to present. If you plan to join one or more RSD12-HUBS, you would also register directly with the host organisation(s).

Rates have not been set. RSD is an inclusive event, and fees are kept as low as possible. Please reach out if registration fees are a barrier.

RSD12-HUBS: Focus Areas

Click on each image for a description and examples of papers from previous RSD symposia.

cyber and digital focus
This hub will host GMT+8 time zone

Sub-themes: Disentangling and unwinding

From October 18—20, Georgetown University in Washington, DC, will host a three-day symposium devoted to disentangling and unwinding the sub-themes.

From October 6-20, RSD12-ONLINE will feature papers, presentations, and workshops that speak to the sub-themes. The Georgetown teams will also curate related exhibition items from the contributions.


Papers & emergent work are scheduled at the same time every day.

The core programme consists of four one-hour daily sessions devoted to papers and emergent work (paper track). Keynotes and plenaries will be broadcast from the hubs according to their schedule. Online workshops will be offered based on the facilitators’ preference.

Below are the local times using RSD12-HUBS as examples. You can convert other time zones using the tool and GMT/UTC start time, 12:00.

RSD12 Vancouver


RSD-Vancouver, CAN


RSD-Edmonton, CAN
RSD-Monterrey, MEX


Bogotá, COL


Pittsburgh, USA
Toronto, CAN
Washington, DC, USA

RSD12 Vancouver




Amsterdam, NLD
Nordmarka Forest, NOR
Turin, ITA


Ahmedabad, IND


Shenzhen, CHN (this hub will also host paper sessions for authors in related timezones)

For authors & contributors

What and Why: Entanglements

What and Why: Entanglements

Considering entanglements in our everyday lives, different views of entanglements, and why we chose them for RSD12.

RSD12 Symposium: Entangled in Emergence

RSD12 Symposium: Entangled in Emergence

Entangling and unravelling are complementary processes. Even the deepest entanglements eventually unravel, and every unravelling is an opportunity for new entanglements to emerge.

RSD Review Process

RSD Review Process

Details about formats for authors, facilitators, and exhibitors. Contributions are included in the proceedings, a searchable repository of systemic design resources used by researchers, teachers, and practitioners.

RSD Style Guide

RSD Style Guide

Submission guidelines provide a detailed description of how to prepare a document for all submission formats: papers, presentations, workshops, and systems maps and exhibits.

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