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RSD12 FAQs—Contributors

by | May 2023 | Call for Contributions, News & Notes

This is a running list of questions that come up during the call for contributions period. Please reach out via the chat or email to if you have others.

What is the submission link? —If you already have an EasyChair profile, sign in to go to our submission area. If you don’t, it only takes a few minutes to set up, and there is no cost/payment involved.

What are the deadlines?

We don’t think we will be able to accept new submissions after May 31, so if you are planning on submitting please provide an abstract before May 31 so we can include your submission when we assign reviewers. All submissions must be completed by June 15 to allow review time. Please register your intent by providing an abstract (it can be changed later) on EasyChair to hold a place and help us to coordinate reviewers.

Do I have to present in person?

Nope. All accepted papers and presentations will be part of RSD12-ONLINE, a 15-day international event hosted on Zoom Events. The core hours for papers are 12:00–16:00 UTC. 

Can I run an online workshop?

Yes, online workshops will be programmed into RSD12-ONLINE and part of the Zoom Events platform. Note that we view workshops as co-productions; you should be prepared to co-promote your session. Workshop submissions are reviewed by the Programme Committee.

What costs are involved in presenting?

The cost for RSD12-ONLINE registration is 50 USD, which goes toward the cost of EasyChair for managing submissions and reviews and the tech to host the event. It’s an incredible value—we estimate the online programme will include over 100 papers and approximately 30 other events, including international keynotes from October 6 to 20. As always, RSD offers reduced fees on request for residents of low to middle-income countries (see World Bank) and those who face other financial constraints.

How are reviews being handled?

The RSD12 Call for Contributions is centralised and includes papers and presentations, online and in-person workshops, systems maps and other exhibits. Papers and presentations (short papers) are peer-reviewed.

What are the hubs?

There are 14 hubs hosted by groups in Canada, China, Colombia, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the USA. Hub programmes are 1–3 days long and are scheduled sequentially from October 6–20. Each hub develops and manages its onsite event, including programming, fees, and registration. Full details, such as registration links and contact information, are included on each Hub page. You do not need to attend a hub to participate.

I have something I’d like to propose for an in-person session at a hub.

Please reach out to the organisers directly. Every hub has provided at least one contact person who will be happy to hear from you. RSD12-HUBS

What’s happening at Georgetown University?

RSD12-HUBS prioritise locality and in-person sessions. RSD12-Washington DC will be programmed according to the entanglement sub-themes (Natural, Technological, Political, and Foundational) and will feature sessions synthesizing the discussions and learning from each hub as well as the SDA General Assembly on October 20th. RSD12-ONLINE continues to run during the Georgetown conference.

I have other questions!

Please reach out via chat (bottom right) or email


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